Co-Ownership Contract

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Mugleston Farms The Next Generation

Co-Ownership Contract

This agreement is between ________________________ who will be referred to as Breeder and

________________________ who will be referred to as Co-owner.



For those females approved for co-ownership, price will be half of dog’s asking price – in addition to:

  • The breeder will retain all breeding rights, as well as full registration of the bitch.
  • Breeder and co-owner will split the litter equally, with the breeder having the odd pick spot numbers and co-owner having the equal pick spot numbers.
  • The breeder will choose/approve all studs bred to the bitch.
  • Co-owner is responsible for transport of all puppies to the breeder at 8 weeks of age.
  • All litters will be split equally, with breeder having the odd numbered pick spots.
  • Bitch must reside with the co-owner at their residence and within their possession at all times.

Failure to abide by this contract will result in the return of the dog by the co-owner, with all monies being forfeited to the breeder.



Breeder Signature & Date: _____________________________________________


Co-Owner Signature & Date: ___________________________________________