Co-Ownership Contract

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Mugleston Farms The Next Generation

Co-Ownership Contract

This agreement is between ________________________ who will be referred to as Breeder and

________________________ who will be referred to as Co-owner



For those dogs approved for co-ownership, price will be half of dog’s asking price – in addition to:

  • The breeder will retain all breeding rights, as well as full registration of the dog or bitch.
  • Breeder and co-owner will split the litter equally, with the breeder having the odd pick spot numbers and co-owner having the equal pick spot numbers.
  • The breeder will choose/approve all breedings prior to the breeding.
  • Co-owner is responsible for transport of all puppies to the breeder at 8 weeks of age.
  • All litters will be split equally, with breeder having the odd numbered pick spots.
  • Bitch or dog must reside with the co-owner at their residence and within their possession at all times.
  • Any co-owned dog that dies of unnatural causes or neglect are to be paid for in full by the co-owning party.

NOTE: All puppies purchased on co-own or other agreements (aside from outright purchase of breeding rights) are considered pets (no breeding rights) until all contractual obligations are fulfilled.

Failure to abide by this contract will result in the return of the dog by the co-owner, with all monies being forfeited to the breeder.



Breeder Signature & Date: _____________________________________________


Co-Owner Signature & Date: ___________________________________________