Mugleston TNGs “Trouble Man”

Age: 13 months old

Weight: 125 lbs

Head: 25.5 in

hands down XL Grand Champion Technos best son.

available for stud $5,000!!

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2 thoughts on “Mugleston TNGs “Trouble Man””

  1. This boy Troubleman is second 2 none in the bully world. He has exaggerated features while still staying within the breed standard. He is a proven producer and I would recommend him to anyone trying to step there breeding program up or even someone wanting to bring a gentle giant puppy into thier home. I’ve had the honor of seeing this bull in person and I suggest.anyone serious in the bully community take the chance to go see this masterpiece of a bull.

    • I have a pup from PHKS EASY WORK X TROUBLE MAN.. His name is BIG ODIN HE IS 8 months and 103lbs just a beast!! Looking to get a female for him any suggestions would be great.


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